Replacement AutoPot Fittings

We stock a full range of AutoPot fittings.

  • Root Control Discs Gold for both¬†Round and square pots
  • Black Matrix Disc ¬†for all square pots
  • 6mm and 9mm Cross connectors
  • 6mm and 9mm Tee Connectors
  • 6mm and 9mm Joiners
  • 6mm and 9mm Inline valve/tap
  • 6mm and 9mm Filters
  • 13mm – 9mm reducing filters
  • 13mm barbed inline filters
  • 6mm and 9mm Top hat Grommets
  • 6 and 9mm Flexi Tube
  • 13mm – 9mm reducing Tee Connector
  • 13mm – 6mm reducing Tee Connector
  • 13mm – 6mm cross connector
  • 13mm Barbed Tee connectors
  • 13mm Inline valve/tap
  • 13mm Flexi Tube
  • Aquavalve silicones for both old AquaValve and new AquaValve5