Autopot Commercial

Commercial Autopot systems

The Commercial Autopot watering systems are attracting attention worldwide thanks to the water saving benefits and increased yields that are achievable compared to traditional irrigation methods.

For a commercial Autopot example, follow this link to a video of a nursery utilising an AutoPot Watering System for cucumbers.

Commercial Benefits

Autopot greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouse utilising Autopot watering system

AutoPot Watering Systems offer significant savings in ongoing expenditure.

Increased Yeilds

The yeilds are increased as the water and nutrient is constantly available. Your plants can feed when they want. They’ll develop quicker and yield more.


Reduced Workload

The watering workload is reduced. Simply fill the reservoir, add fertiliser (if required) and check your pH and ppm. The system takes care of the rest.

Water conservation

The highly efficient irrigation technique means you can expect up to 50% savings in water and fertiliser usage. Water conservation is a major concern for all growers.

Reduced Maintenance

As there are no pumps to check, no timers to operate, no feeding schedules to manage and no electrical parts to service the maintenance costs are reduced

1Pot Growing

Tomato growing in 1 pot systems



The Autopot modular design gives you increased flexibliy.  The layout can be adapted to suit your exact growing area, preferred plant spacing and choice of plant variety.  Autopot distributors are happy to help with the planning of your greenhouse layout.

Reduced Disease

The system is non-recirculating which drastically reduces the risk of disease transfer between plants.