Innovative new valve

AquaValve 5 was developed in response to feedback from growers. Continuing development means solving growers problems. We would never tangle with the proven principles and mechanics of our systems. However, AutoPot are always aware to the possibility of adjustments that might optimise them for contemporary use.

AquaValve5 in an existing XL system

So AutoPot came up with a huge 5mm AQUAvalve inlet to accommodate the increasingly diverse range of nutrients favoured by growers. The bigger fittings and pipework to serve the new AQUAvalve deliver visibly faster flow to the modules for an improved fill with minimal maintenance. All of this new plumbing kit is compatible with existing trays, lids, and pots – the current range having been test-proven to function perfectly with an AQUAvalve5 and 9mm fittings. See the proof of concept in the AutoPot R&D facility.

Asparagus Peas grown using organics

The added bonus of course, is the larger aperture means AutoPot is now truly compatible with organic growing.